Birkenstock Repairs

The following repairs refer to the Birkenstock range only. Please visit one of our stores if you are unsure what type of repair is needed for your shoes. Once you have determined the type of repair that suits your Birkenstock please fill in our repair form and send it to us along with your shoes or you can bring the repair form and your shoes to one of our store locations.

Cork Repair

A cork repair repairs damage to the cork footbed.

Cork Repair

1/4 Sole Replacement

Replaces the damaged portion of the sole. The heel and the toe of the sole get the most wear from friction on the ground. By replacing individual sections of the sole your shoes can last longer.

Hard Wearing option:
This option is available if you are wearing through your sole too quickly. A harder sole will reduce the wear over time.

Quarter Sole Replacement

Full Sole Replacement

When the sole of your Birkenstock is too worn to be maintained the whole sole can be replaced with a new one.

Full Sole Replacement

Foot Bed & Sole Replacement

This replaces the cork footbed and sole which can get worn through out the life of your shoe.

Foot Bed & Sole replacement

Buckle Replacement

This replaces a buckle which is broken or not functioning correctly. Repair is evaluated per buckle.

Stud Replacement

This replaces the studs on your shoe. Repair is evaluated per stud that needs replacement.

Suede Liner Replacement

This replaces the suede lining that covers your Birkenstock.

Miscellaneous Repair

A miscellaneous repair is a repair job that does not fall under any of the categories above.

Price: $1 per minute + cost of materials.